Santa Fe New Mexican: Vote ‘yes’ on technology for schools

We are asking you to cast a “yes” vote for the education technology note for our city’s young people and for our community. This “yes” vote will not raise your taxes. It gives our schools the funding they need to make sure our students have the teachers, the equipment and the support they deserve to get good jobs at good wages in all kinds of digital industries.

Here in Santa Fe, we’re seeing the rapid growth of businesses that depend on technology — from Meow Wolf to Descartes Labs to Flow Science to Falling Colors. By voting “yes” on the education technology note, you will be helping our students get the skills they need to find jobs at these and many other growing companies. You will be equipping our students for a better future and enabling our community to have a better economy.

This election is different. It’s being done by a mail-in ballot. You should already have received your ballot in the mail. If you didn’t get a ballot, please go to the Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office to request a ballot and to vote. If you did get a ballot but you haven’t sent it in yet, please mail it back today. In order to count in this election, ballots must be back in the County Clerk’s Office no later than 5 p.m. March 5.

The facts are simple: This measure won’t raise your taxes. It will continue the schools’ existing program for technology education. It applies to traditional and charter public schools — no one will be left out of this important educational offering. It will give our students a 21st-century education, with the skills they need to compete and win in the digital economy. It also helps our city and our community by supporting the new and growing businesses that help us diversify our economy.

This election is important for our schools, for our city and for our whole community. Please make sure you get your mail-in ballot and return it in time so your vote counts. And please vote “yes” for the education technology note. Thank you for your continued support. Our students and our community will both win when you vote “yes.”

Anna Hamilton represents District 4 on the Santa Fe County Commission, Alan Webber is mayor of Santa Fe and Steven J. Carrillo is president of Santa Fe Public Schools Board of Education.


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