My Plan

Let’s take a combined look at my past two terms serving our kids and our schools; what I’ve strived for and achieved since 2011, and my plans for the next four years.

    • Student Wellness - Increasingly our kids are coming to us with more learning, behavioral, and health challenges than ever before.  We must focus more dollars and staff toward social workers, guidance counselors, and wrap-a-round services.  These efforts must start at kinder and where possible, Pre-K.  If we're able to identify student and family challenges and intervene early, I'm confident we'll keep our kids in school and build a stronger foundation for their future success and happiness.
    • Equity - The quality of teaching and learning and district services must be the same for every child throughout the district regardless of zip code or their school demographic.  And while we’ve achieved parity among our schools and facilities equity means all of our children start on the same playing field.  Where there are gaps in opportunity due to income or family situation, it becomes incumbent on the district in working with our community partners to meet these challenges.
    • Safety – I will do everything within reason to continue to make sure our schools and facilities are safe.  This means having student, family, and community-friendly safeguards to protect our district buildings while at the same time making sure we’re not creating prisons.  This also means creating procedures which don’t already add to the daily fears our children face.  I’m currently very confident in our district safety and security that our policies and procedures as well as our physical sites are as safe as they can be.
    • Financial Responsibility - As the Santa Fe Public Schools is essentially a $270 million dollar a year company, we must ensure that the maximum amount of funds coming from all of our income sources goes to the classroom.  This means that we’re always acting, and assessing our actions to be sure we’re running a lean administrative operation while at the same time never compromising on the board’s overarching goals and strategic plan.

    • Budget - As I have for the last eight years, I will always fiercely advocate for a district budget that reflects the priorities of the board and our community.  This actually started with the 2012 budget and has continued since. This means that first and foremost our kids and their learning always the top priority.
    • Technology - In 2014 our board took the bold step of passing the Education Technology Note (ETN) to finance our digital learning plan and providing the 21st century infrastructure to do so.  This bond has been very successful in making Santa Fe Public Schools’ digital facilities second to none.  One simply has to visit districts around the state to witness our achievement in this area.  I will continue to work maintain our technology infrastructure and to keep pace with the changes our students will need in the coming years.
    • Facilities - We have among the finest facilities in New Mexico.  Now, using our GO Bond funding we must support the responsible maintenance of all of our facilities while seriously evaluating any plans for new structures. This will likely mean taking a hard look at the way our schools are zoned so we can keep all of our schools open, serving the kids in their neighborhoods, and at the same time have an even more liberal Interzone plan that comes with the requisite transportation so families throughout the County can take advantage.
    • Innovation - Greatly increase the extent to which the arts are embedded in our students’ learning the core subjects.  This approach has had very positive results in other districts throughout the country.  Truancy rates go down, proficiency rates go up, and the student “happiness index” soars.  Let’s reach kids where and how they want to be reached.
    • Advocacy - I will continue to be a very strong and vocal advocate at the legislature for our kids, teachers, and schools.  This means testifying for an increase in the overall education budget, regionally competitive salaries for our teachers and support staff, and any legislation regarding school safety.  I am currently working with our legislators, state school boards, and the American Cancer Society on legislation to address the health crisis caused by vaping. And yes, this absolutely means promoting and passing sensible gun safety laws.
    • Collaboration - Being part of a school board means building consensus with my fellow board members as well as the superintendent.  We’re all on the same team and we must work together.  In my eight years of achievement there are countless examples of where I have led or been a part of task forces that have produced results.  Now, this doesn’t mean polite compliance or placing “civility” before advocacy.  It means getting to “yes” together.  In 2011 I stated that, “Our Kids and Our Schools Come First.”  While we’re allied together, we also cannot compromise on our foundational purpose.

    • This School Year - I believe that the superintendent and staff have laid our plans for our 2019/2020 school years to see the kind of growth and success we haven’t seen in years previous.  Let’s everyone hold each other accountable for our parts in achieving what we all want for our kids.

My record reflects a foundational INTEGRITY to first and foremost always do what’s in the best interest of our kids, the DEDICATION to firmly state that I’m not interested in any higher office and committed only to this board and our district, and the institutional knowledge and record of ACHIEVEMENT to warrant asking for another four years.  Let’s get started!

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