KOAT: School board turns away from state leaders, toward "joy of learning"

Santa Fe School Board Member Steven Carrillo says teachers and schools are oppressed and stressed by all the state and federal mandates placed upon them.

"They are sucking the joy out of our public schools," Carrillo said. "We can't have these people determining how we're teaching in the classroom."

Carrillo proposed and board members passed a resolution Tuesday night, that calls for bringing back the "love and joy of teaching and learning." It essentially says the district has no choice but to follow those state and federal laws when it comes to how schools and teachers are evaluated, but Santa Fe schools won't put much stock in those results.

Carrillo wants teachers to run their classrooms how they think is best, not just simply teach for a standardized test.

"That benefits no one except the companies that sell everything to public education," Carrillo explained. "It does not benefit kids, principals, parents, teachers, supers, districts. No one."

In response, New Mexico Public Education Department Spokesman Larry Behrens wrote in a statement:

"We believe student success, and not adults clinging to a failed system, should be the measure for which we hold ourselves accountable. When we talk about joy, we talk about students who are successful in the classroom ready for the next step in life because they have great teachers who are recognized for their hard work. It’s unfortunate some disagree."


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