KOAT: Hundreds gather for the "Families Belong Together" rally

People crowded the front steps of the Roundhouse in Santa Fe for one of the many "Families Belong Together" rallies across the country Saturday.

"This is outstanding. This is what our community is about, is what our schools are about," said Steven Carrillo, president of Santa Fe Public School Board.

Speakers addressing the crowd in English and Spanish, but a common thought on everyone's minds-- no matter what language-- was change.

"If there's going to be immigration reform, it has to be compassionate, we have to keep families together and we have to realize who we are as a country," Carrillo said.

For many, it was not just about showing up and showing support, it was about taking action.

"I'm a mother and a grandmother and a great grandmother and I don't want to separate children from their families," said Elizabeth Maclaren, who was at the rally.

People in attendance said they are worried about- the recent events happening at our countries border.

"I'm really concerned about the direction this country is going in," she said.

They said the way President Donald Trump's administration continues to handle family separation at the border is not what they stand for.

"We've been here a long time and seen a lot of things happen and I'm heartbroken at the direction we're going in and I think we're really heading towards a fascist state," she said.

And when they left, they said they plan on continuing to work to make sure that doesn't happen.


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